New Finishes

24 Magnetite

25 Black Coral

27 Sun gold

51 Harley

52 Oxidado

53 Dayglam

56 Titanium

57 Metallo

61 Pure

67 Champagne

69 Sugar Bronze

73 Mineral

74 Falcon

75 Cobrizo

Solid Wood Seats, Non-Distressed

39 Verdastro

41 Rumcherry

42 Beachwood

43 Cafe

44 Porter

46 Cashew

47 Tiramisu

48 Earl Grey

49 Mouse

85 Unfinished

96 Pine Cone

Solid Wood Seats, Distressed

45 Unfinished Distressed

78 Ironestone

79 Verdos

80 Milk

81 Cayenne

82 Maroon

84 Shady

86 Sand Dust

87 Toasty

89 Stone Dust

93 Pretzel

24 Magnetite is a metallic gray close to chrome with a smooth texture.
Stool: 41442 Ronny swivel, Metal: 24 Magnetite, Upholstery: EV Limestone Vinyl
27 Sun gold is a dark gold with a satin finish.
Stool: 41442 Ronny swivel, Metal: 27 Sun gold, Upholstery: JP Interlink Vinyl
51 Harley is a semi-transparent, dark taupe, brown, with darker brown/black weld markings. Weld marks will stand out and give an industrial look. Finish will vary from stool to stool.
Stool: 40263 Architect swivel Metal: 51 Harley, Upholstery: DA Ink, Wood Back: 86 Sand Dust
52 Oxidado is a warm, rich, dark brown, with a smooth flat finish.
Stool: 41442 Ronny swivel, Metal: 52 Oxidado, Upholstery: DB Oyster Vinyl, 26"
53 Dayglam is a light gray with a finely grained texture that gives a sparkling effect.
Stool: 41451 Marcus swivel, Metal: 53 Dayglam, Upholstery: JO Fossil Vinyl
56 Titanium is a warm champagne-like gray with a satin finish.
Stool: 41539 Sorrento swivel, Metal: 56 Titanium, Upholstery: EV Limestone Vinyl
57 Metallo is a dark gray with a smooth satin finish.
Stool: 41560 Grissom swivel, Metal: 57 Metallo, Upholstery: DX Marshmallow Vinyl
61 Pure is a pure matte white with a smooth satin finish.
Stool: 41320 Linea swivel, Metal: 61 Pure, Upholstery: KJ Hibiscus
67 Champagne is a metallic, semi-gloss gold color with a smooth finish.
Stool: 41442 Ronny swivel, Metal: 67 Champagne, Upholstery: JP Interlink Vinyl
69 Sugar bronze is a metallic semi-gloss bronze finish with a smooth texture.
Stool: 41442 Ronny swivel, Metal: 69 Sugar Bronze, Upholstery: JV Zigzag Vinyl
73 Mineral is a black speckled gray with a hammered texture.
Stool: 41560 Grissom Swivel, Metal: 73 Mineral, Upholstery: KH Beet
74 Falcon is a heavily hammered, bronze brown metal.
Stool: 41405 Brittany swivel, Metal: 74 Falcon, Upholstery: JV Sherlock, Wood Back: Non-distressed 47 Tiramisu
75 Cobrizo is a very dark, cool brown with a wrinkle texture.
Stool: 41414 Kyle swivel, Metal: 75 Cobrizo, Upholstery: HV Roasted, Wood Accent: 93 Pretzel Distressed